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To legalize cannabis in Ghana or not to legalize? Reviewing thepharmacological evidence-TEAM APPIAH


To legalize cannabis in Ghana or not to legalize? Reviewing the
pharmacological evidence an article published by
Kwesi Boadu Mensah and Paa Kofi Tawiah Adu-Gyamfi. in the journal Arch Pharm Pharma Sci. 2019; 3: 082-088.
DOI: dx.doi.org/10.29328/journal.apps.1001018
ORCiD: orcid.org/0000-0002-9649-2497
Students of the S.D.A Nursing & Midwifery Training College- Asanta, Western Region-Ghana taking Pharmacology course took time to review the article and submitted their evidence.
A summary of the legalization or non localization of cannabis.
An attempt has been made by various medical practitioners, medical advisors together with pharmaceutical companies on the consideration of the legalization of cannabis with reasons being it therapeutic effect or potential it will have on individuals with serious medical conditions. Cannabis is known worldwide for it’s abuse and could hinder several ethical principles and results into stigmatization in regards to secular countries hence, it legalization has been the talk of the many countries and the world at large.
Cannabinoids are substances that are found canabis that act on our cells. There are ingredients found in canabis i.e delta 9- tetrahydrocanabinol which cause psychoactive effect whereas canabinol which cause positive effect that are use to treat epileptic seizure and also serve as analgesics. Upon this research Greenwich biosciences have to come out with a drug named epidiolex which they use in clincal settings. So canabis should be legalise by providing mass education on its therapeutic and side effects , this will prevent the abuse of canabis.
In conclusion, the legalization of cannabis brought a positive and a negative impact on the country and the world at large . From research, cannabis has in it a constituent called Delta 9 Tetrahydrocannabinol which makes in feels high and engage in bad actives. However, the positive impact of legalizing cannabis was treat epileptic seizures and also severed as a pain reliever ( analgesic).


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