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Americans Want This About Marijuana Regulations | Cannabis Legalization News


Americans Want This About #Marijuana #Regulations | Cannabis Legalization News January 29, 2023.

Americans Want Marijuana Less Strictly Regulated While Backing Tighter Rules On Teslas, Crypto And Twitter, Poll Finds

Americans say that marijuana should be less strictly regulated than it is now, while also favoring greater regulations on cryptocurrencies, social media, electric vehicles and coal, according to a new poll.

The Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll surveyed voters about a wide range of national issues, including where they stand on federal regulations for eight consumer products. For each item, they were asked if they felt the federal government should regulate them more or less, or keep regulations at the current level.

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00:00 Lead Story – What Americans Want with Marijuana Regulations
09:08 All the Studies About Marijuana Making You Crazy Data
19:10 420 Somewhere
29:12 Trending News – FDA Punts on CBD Regulations
33:49 Name that Strain – Moby Dick
42:32 Hong Kong Calls CBD a Dangerous Drug


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