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Factory Settings – E16. Therapy


Bridget Phetasy and her co-host/husband Jeren Montgomery, an associate marriage & family therapist, talk about therapy this week. They share their own experiences with therapy and how effective it’s been for them, what made Jeren want to become a therapist, the difference between understanding something, being self-aware, and allowing those emotions to be expressed, looking at the subconscious patterns for why you act the way you do, intellectualization as a defense mechanism, and how therapy can pay long dividends into the future. They also discuss the difficulties of finding a good therapist, or the right therapist for you, and Jeren shares some tips that might help.

Questions of the week:

– What was your worst therapeutic experience?
– What are your thoughts about therapy? If you’re resistant to therapy or think it’s bullshit, tell us why.

Psychology Today article Jeren referenced: How To Choose A Therapist – https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/psychologically-minded/201604/how-choose-therapist

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Factory Settings is a podcast exploring politics, culture, relationships, mental health, addiction, and media, through the lens of how our built-in biases affect the way we consume information and form opinions.

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