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From Vegan to Carnivore with Shehroz Alam


I was a vegan for many years and ended up very unhealthy. It took me 12 long years to admit the damage it did to my body, and turning carnivore was the best decision I’ve made.

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Dr. Rimka offers private consultations, remote brain therapies such as Neurofeedback and Tomatis Sound Therapy, group ADHD, Autism, Mold, and Lyme illness support and recovery, group parasite cleanses, an online DIY E-learning center with a variety of health courses, and healing in-person retreats.
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Dr. Stephanie Rimka is a health coach, holistic functional medicine doctor, epigenetics coach, neurofeedback therapist, chiropractor, and recent recipient of Best Media’s Reader’s Choice Award for Best Mental Health Clinic Atlanta. She has been in private practice seeing patients specializing in neurological disorders such as Autism, anxiety, ADHD, depression, and memory loss.

Dr. Rimka offers an online e-learning center which includes online courses. To learn more click here: https://brainandbodyrevolution.org/

To shop her online store of her favorite products such as skincare, red light panels, brain therapy devices, sauna, and quality assured supplements such as quercetin, NAC, zinc, and peptides, click here: https://brainandbodysolutions.com/shop/


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