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Emotional Wellness Summit – Part 5


Hello friends,

Let us continue our journey of exploring and enjoying Emotional Wellness.

The Redikall core team has thought of extending this learning opportunity in the form of the Redikall Holistic Online Club.

We will keep inviting experts from various fields and have many more programs.

Experience the completion and bliss that comes with awareness as you participate in the sessions on :

•Meditation through Recitation
•Breathing exercises by Yoga Experts
•Sound Healing Meditation
•Emotional Wellness Sessions
•Sessions with experts in healthcare field
•Community Healing Guidance Support

The first two months of the Beta phase from 2nd February to 30th March will be totally FREE for everyone and will be operated from a common WhatsApp-based Community.

If you wish to join, please fill up the form and you will be guided to the WhatsApp Community Group exclusively for the members of the Redikall Holistic Online Club (RHOC).

Form: https://zfrmz.com/HVSq5lgt3rMOLBodGglz

So, please hurry up and fill up the form. The details and time of the programs are mentioned in the form.
(Please note: Once you join RHOC, you will be asked to leave this group and all announcements will be made in the new group.)

Lots of love
Redikall Team 💕

Visit our website : https://www.aatmn.com/

Join our Community : https://community.aatmn.com/

Learn from our Online Courses : https://learning.aatmn.com/

To become a Classic Member click on : https://www.redikallhealing.com/membership2.html

Schedule a Free Online session for Self Healing guidance. : https://booking.appointy.com/Redikall

Download the Redikall App, An innovative way of healing yourself : https://bit.ly/RedikallApp


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