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@AussyCC Live; Nutrients in Plants, IEC = CEC + AEC, Syn-leaf, Trichome Study


@AussyCC Live, Good Health through safe clean Medical Cannabis, This is one of my better shows. Kept it clean for viewing purposes too. Latest Research Experiments.

I’ll share the latest Medical Cannabis Research, News & Education. Plus this week’s University Medical Cannabis related slides.

This week i talk about;
– Nutrients in Plants, from my University slides
– Ion Exchange Capacity = CEC + AEC
– Syn-leaf – new invention
– Trichome Study
– Education. Why its needed and important in Medical Cannabis
– Cannabis law progression in various countries
– Q & A

I study Plant/ Soil Science & Microbiology at University doing lots of research and experiments. I have 30+yrs solidly in the industry too, 5yrs in Canada. I like to help others (legally) and hear about experiments others have done too.

Cannabis Scientist / Educator/ Medicinal Cannabis Breeder/ Master Grower (LEGAL)

I enjoy educating, research projects, improving the health benefits of Cannabis, playing with the 6 of the 10 plant hormones at different growth stages, Ploidy +, Cellular development, improving Secondary Metabolites production, (MAB) breeding techniques, Systemic Acquired Resistance, Feminized Seed (mold, bug, heat & drought resistant seed), Tissue Culture, Genetic Manipulation.

I won’t work with/ help or promote Illegal Activates. I respect the law and hope you do too.

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Thanks for your support!!

Happy Breeding, Growing and Good health to U.


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