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New York Cannabis: By the Numbers | Vicente Sederberg LLP


Since legalizing cannabis last year, New York has taken many steps toward fast-tracking the launch of its equitable adult-use cannabis industry. Conditional cultivation, processor, and retailer licensees are positioned to make the state’s first legal sales early next year—but what will the market look like? And what do operators need to do to meet demand?

Watch this session, where members of VS’s New York team, along with one of the industry’s top cannabis economic analysts, will dive into the numbers to show you current data and the projected future of the Empire State’s cannabis market. These insights will help you become a better operator, regulator, and/or consumer. 

Topics of discussion included:

– New York cannabis market composition and consumer data
– Conditional license type overviews, including the number of licenses awarded, geographic locations, product limitations, and macro/micro obstacles
– Demand predictions and insight into what needs to happen at each supply chain level to meet demand
– Projected future of NY’s cannabis industry: medical, total canopy, revenue, etc.

– Michelle Bodian – Counsel, Vicente Sederberg LLP
– Brandon Kurtzman – Partner, Vicente Sederberg LLP
– Andrew Livingston – Director of Economics & Research, Vicente Sederberg LLP



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