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WATCH: Patient Receives Cell Therapy for Relief of Chronic Neck Pain


Watch as this patient undergoes cell therapy to help relieve chronic neck pain. Cell therapy is a cutting-edge, alternative medicine treatment that is showing great promise for helping people find relief from chronic pain. Thanks for watching!

Interested In Advanced Stem Cell Therapy?

———————Contents of This Video—————————

00:00 -“I love this place! I would live in this clinic right now if I could get me a nice little room back there.”
01:17 -“My dream is to be able to play with my grandkids they go up and not say, “no grandpa can’t do this because my knees hurt.”
01:32 -“I don’t want surgery unless I absolutely have to.”
01:53 -“There is nothing left to chance.”
02:05 -“The nurses are unbelievably professional, and the doctors are ridiculously good.”


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