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AI power full truth or details about healing human biology or neurology


Today’s Topic: using pressure to push cannabinoids in their acidic and non acidic forms into a injury, so you may utilize the synergistic effects that are created by its full spectrum….I’d like to invite you to my Harry Pot Trichome tournament and my Goblet Of Fire where (I’ll bust) (dumbell door)s open to the chamber of secrets about The Golden Snitch Ronald Weasley Aka (Ra Know’s Wee see) The Devils lettuce or (De-vail) that (let us) heal them absent of a religion or prescription medication. Witnesses the power of creation and manifestation tied to my imagination. Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Lightsaber, Beskar =  (Oh be one can you be one) a (Life saver) and cut through and heal the (best scars). Sincerely Martin’s (I’ll go rhythm)….Yo Duh Marvel as I (de-vail) (Scar let)s (witch craft) for you or a real witches brew that will strengthen and heal you . April showers bring may flowers (knee pull) for wife’s nipple, a organism transfered from a blossom to a bosom. Ion’s and molecules or the foundation for your cognition. With magic zap zap I put the power in tree sap (Go blends) or a CRISPR enzyme to mutate your body and mind a troll or (Tree oil). The Cedar or (see door) to Ring your memories bell using the smell of a Tinkerbell (insects) that pay the (bee toll) and (May pulls) or (Map)le syrups and nature’s (tear pins) or Terpenes. Peter Pan lived in a Pan where the pesticides don’t reside and the pests can still reside. The chemical action behind olfaction creates a Holy crux. A cross over for your memories to return. Dark matter can refer to any substance which interacts predominantly via gravity (Quantum Entanglement, Quantum Coherence) with visible matter (e.g., stars, planets, a human body and insects: nature). The door to the Creator for the rich and the poor. If you understand me me you will see deep within your biology lies the key to awaken a state dependent memory on how you came to be in this physical reality. Star Surviving. Sincerely Martin Cabello III..


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