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How To Test Your Cannabis & Edibles At Home with tCheck


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If you like to make your own cannabis edibles at home, or you’re a cannabis home grower, you need to get a tCheck potency tester! This nifty device completely changed the game for me when it comes to making accurately dosed edibles. Take the guessing and manual calcs out of equation, and use the tCheck to confidently dose. The tCheck tests infused oils, dried cannabis flower, concentrates, and much more!

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→ Step by step instructions: https://www.thecannabinista.com/cannabis-educational-articles-tcheck-cannabis-potency-tester

0:00 Quick intro
0:42 How I know how much THC and CBD is in my homemade edibles
1:24 Why you need the tCheck
2:42 tCheck product features
4:00 Dried cannabis flower
4:26 What forms of cannabis the tCheck can test for
5:19 How to use the tCheck to test for dried cannabis potency
8:27 How to use the tCheck to test cannabis infused oil potency
8:52 Why testing for cannabis potency is important

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