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We sit down with Hip Hop icon, Baby Bash!


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Today on our show BAY AREA IN THE BUILDING! Vallejo where you at?! We have Hip-Hop and R&B chicano rap legend BABY BASH; the artist who made us crave a little sweetness with his breakout single “Suga Suga” which peaked at #7 on the Billboard charts in 2002. His hit singles “Baby I’m Back” and “Cyclone” sparked the careers of R&B legends AKON and T-Pain.
Aside from releasing 9 studio albums, he was also known for collaborating on films such as Pain, Filly Brown, Vengeance and Primos which featured Danny Trejo. Baby Bash was also one of the original brand ambassadors for the female inspired energy Drink “Go Girl” which part of proceeds were donated to various cancer research centers focused on breast and ovarian cancer.

1st Segment:

02:00 joe introduces baby bash
03:41 baby bash got into the cannabis industry with his strain Canarillo
05:37 baby bash talks about how he got into the music industry
07:07 baby bash held onto suga suga for a year before releasing
09:49 baby bash says louie has some amazing cannabis
10:20 bash and joe talk about the time bashs dad came to tmobile
13:36 baby talks about his cd “lifted” with Frankie Jay
16:01 joe tells bash that he was the first person to do what he was doing because no one else is doing it
16:20 joe calls bash the latino Elvis
17:20 break

2nd segment:

17:52 joe shouts out the divine models
19:00 baby bash grew up with e40 and mac dre
19:30 lil john gave baby bash a cd full of beats and thats where he got cyclone from
19:55 Carlos Santana was the best artist he worked with
20:24 bash talks about the time he signed with Clyde Davis
21:11 baby bash cherry pie was the first line when he started in the industry. First pre roll pack
22:30 baby bash would have parties with 250 people there at an underground smoke sesh
24:05 blue talks about the time he drove to Texas
25:30 baby speaks about him and Paul Raul
26:45 baby says that if the feds would legalize weed, we could pay the debt we owe china
28:04 baby talks about the time he gives his grandma an edible to help her with eating and dementia
32:02 break

3rd segment:

33:30 bash speaks about the time he went to Germany for a tour
35:20 blue talks about the pressure cooker with bash
36:00 blue and bash do the pressure cooker
39:22 west coast canna, no tobacco and diamond infused, smokeshield space will get you right
41:15 bash says it doesn’t look good right now for delta 8
44:33 bash loves to use joints
45:04 craziest place he smoked was in Iraq
45:49 warm cream of wheat
46:43 would smoke with bruce lee
48:25 pills kill, weed heals – bash

His music is available on all streaming platforms and make sure to follow his Instagram @babybash!

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