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How to cure gall bladder stones in homeopathy? – Dr. Surekha Tiwari


Gall bladder stones are a misnomer, they are basically cholesterol precipitates from the bile. The gall bladder is a reservoir or excess bile, whenever we have a big meal, a heavy meal, a big meal, an unusual meal to a heavy diner, on all such times the body clock is not in a position is not in a position to generate the bile which that particular meal requires. In all these scenarios, the gall bladder releases the extra bile and releases into the intestines and helps your digestion and helps you do away with this meal if the bile hwc is produced is not of the best quality then within the bile it will starts the precipitation of cholesterol particles . This cholesterol deposits or particles may coalesce and form sudden gooey kind of stones. So when you talk about stone is something hard comes to your mind. The gall stones when they are extracted they are seeing something that is very rubbery. So these gall stones, they are seen over a period of years, when you get an ultrasound today and you realize you have a stone it is not that you formed it yesterday. It must have taken moths or even a year. For the gall stones to precipitate for a gall stone to happen in the first place your bile should have been of the best quality. If the bile has not been of the best quality that means the liver function wants that great. So when you want to manage gall bladder stones, then you have to manage your liver the liver has two good friends, they are Vitamin B and Vitamin C. Both these vitamin are found to be good reparative motions of the liver. What you can do is increase the vitamin C in your body by having to of fruits like lemons, amla, mosambi. You can also ensure that that much amount of Vitamin C goes into your body that is a little higher than your daily dose. The second thing is Vitamin B. Vitamin B is a wonderful Vitamin for repairing and especially for repairing of your liver. So things like sprouts, things like green leafy vegetables, clarified milk. These are very good for repairing the liver. People who have non veg they have Vitamin B from that source. You should also keep in mind that fat with Vitamin B comes in a lot of package. So you have to be very balanced in how you approach this. So you have to have Vitamin B and Vitamin C in higher quantities the second thing is liver is responsible for emulsification of fats. So try and have your milk and all your diets lesser and lesser in fats for that much amount of time, as we know that fats are heavier meal. So if you stop taking fats, the general weight of the meal becomes lesser. It becomes lighter and you can absorb it much better. So third thing is there are medicines in homeopathy which allows this cholesterol aggregate to go back to fluid, semi fluid stage and settle down in the gall bladder in a sludge. Once that sludge is formed there is no chance that a stone can come and give you any kind of emergency problem that the gall bladder stones are usually associated with. These days I have had patients from the allopathic stream prescribing their patients to go to a homeopath because they can treat because we are getting results and please approach a nearest homeopath and please get rid of the fear.


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