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5 STRONGEST Weed Strains – for PRO Smokers Only!


Sick and tired of your same old bud and the routine, predictable high? Be careful what you wish for! Here are 5 ULTRA-POTENT CANNABIS strains that boast iconic, otherworldly highs that you won’t soon forget. These strong weed strains might be a little harder to find than your run-of-the-mill Blue Dream strain, but trust us – the search will be well worth it. But ONLY if you’re an expert with a high tolerance.

00:00 – What is a “Pro” Cannabis Strain and Why?
00:52 – Strain 1
01:30 – Strain 2
02:13 – Strain 3
02:54 – Strain 4
03:33 – Strain 5
04:36 – Why These Strains Aren’t Suitable for Beginners?

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