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Global National: Aug. 4, 2022 | Ontario nurses union calls on governments to fix crisis in hospitals


On this episode of Global National: The Ontario Nurses’ Association is demanding more help from all levels of government across Canada, as the crisis in the country’s understaffed hospitals deepens. Seán O’Shea reports on the difficult search for solutions.

Canada is sending military members to the United Kingdom, where they will help teach Ukrainian civilians to fight Russian forces. As Mercedes Stephenson explains, there’s another much more secretive mission Canadians are involved in on the ground in Ukraine.

And with a shortage of supplies and staff, one bombed-out hospital in Ukraine’s northern Kharkiv region is desperately trying to keep going as Russia’s war rages on. Crystal Goomansingh has a first-hand look at what’s left of the facility and the danger medical teams must endure to treat patients.

Tensions keep rising in Asia, as China conducts its largest military drills yet around Taiwan, seemingly in response to U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to the small nation that China regards as its own. Redmond Shannon reports on the escalation, including a slew of new ballistic missile launches.

Plus, right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has been found liable for defamation for repeatedly calling the Sandy Hook school massacre a hoax, while labelling victims’ families as “crisis actors.” A Texas jury has decided Jones must pay US$4 million in compensatory damages to Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis, whose son Jesse Lewis was among the 26 people killed in the December 2012 in Newtown, Conn. Jackson Proskow looks at the proceedings and why it’s just the start of the Infowars host’s legal problems.

And a 62-year-old French sailor has been rescued off the coast of Spain, after his racing boat capsized in the Atlantic Ocean, where he was trapped for 16 hours. Ross Lord reports on the dangerous and difficult rescue operation and how the man managed to endure the frigid waters for that long.

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