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CEO Clips: Gordon Fox | Emblem Cannabis | Producing Medical Cannabis in Ontario


Gordon Fox, CEO of Emblem Corp and John Stewart, President of Emblem Pharmaceuticals, describe this company’s plans for producing medical cannabis in Ontario.

We’re currently producing at the rate of approximately 700 kilos per year. Our site will eventually accommodate production capacity of over 20,000 kilograms per year. Emblem owns a 4.2 acre site in Paris, Ontario. We have a 24,000 square foot existing facility. In that facility, we have a mothering room vegetation room into large flowering rooms.

We’ve always known that cannabinoids offer real therapeutic value. Studies have shown that use of pain medications diminishes in areas where medical marijuana is prescribed. One of the roles we are doing at the pharma division of Emblem is to develop advanced pharmaceutical like dosage forms. And the ability to have a carefully measured dose will dramatically increase the consistency and the quality and the therapeutic outcomes that were able to achieve with medical marijuana therapy.

It’s important to the future of our business that we become an extremely low cost producer, given the closed box nature of our undertaking. At Emblem were committed to producing the highest quality product the lowest possible price.

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