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What Really Happens To Your Body When You're In Labor


It’s no secret that giving birth is painful. Obviously, everyone’s experience is different, but if you’re planning on giving birth in the near future and want a step-by-step look at what your body will go through when you go into labor, we’ve got you covered.

While a lot of it is common knowledge, there are some things you might not think about until the moment. For example, if you’ve gone into labor and wonder why you’re not hungry, don’t worry, because that’s perfectly normal. Let’s take a look at what really happens to your body when you go into labor.

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Your water breaks | 0:00
No need for food | 0:51
The contractions start | 1:31
Hello, back pain! | 2:23
All about the mucus | 2:59
That’s not all you lose | 3:40
Second delivery | 4:15
A lot of stretching | 4:38

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