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Research and Rare Cannabinoids – Cynthia Bryant


Tags: CBG, anti-inflammatory, inflammation, skincare, CBGA, science

Cynthia Bryant presents “Research and Rare Cannabinoids” at CannMed 2022.

Demetrix is committed to making the world a better place with health and wellness products backed by science. The company uses biotechnology to produce high-purity cannabinoids for consumer and R&D applications. Conversations about rare cannabinoid activity are just beginning, and over the past year Demetrix has advanced its knowledge far beyond THC and CBD. Most of these rarer cannabinoids have not yet been studied in depth, and Demetrix is proud to be bringing scientific rigor to the space. In this presentation, Cynthia will discuss recent developments at Demetrix. She will highlight the efficacy of specific cannabinoids as compared to high performing industry-standard compounds, which could have wider applications for the consumer products and pharmaceutical industries. She will also present the company’s latest research surrounding the first product it is bringing to market and how these cannabinoids can be used in safe, efficacious ways.


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