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Extraction Explained: Drying, Freezing and Milling Cannabis for Extraction


There is no ‘one size fits all’ method to preparing your cannabis for extraction. The concentrate you are trying to produce is going to dictate how to prep your cannabis. Our CTO, Nick Tennant explains the different types of drying, freezing and milling methods commonly found in biomass preparation, and when each of these techniques is typically used for creating shatters, live resin, distillate and other concentrates.

Material Preparation for Cannabis Extraction
Freezing Cannabis – 01:36
Drying Cannabis – 03:48
Freeze Drying Cannabis and Cryogenic Sift – 05:39
Milling Cannabis – 08:20

To WATCH MORE videos about cannabis extraction topics or tips, please see our playlist of Extraction Explained videos https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbm3w4HjIzNvT3vLXvIqiIj-EwVKqfSUz.

To LEARN MORE about Precision Extraction, please visit our website at https://precisionextraction.com/.

About Precision Extraction Solutions
We are an end-to-end solutions provider for cannabis extraction. Extraction equipment, lab design, industrial solutions and training. Precision was founded on quality, built on service and measured on results. More award-winning concentrates are made with Precision extraction equipment than any other brand.


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