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Autism Acceptance: “Ask Dr. David” Live Event April 13th, 2022


If you missed our Autism Acceptance Ask Dr. David Live Event on April 13th, 2022 don’t fret, you’re in luck! The questions we received were so great that we decided to splice it into an episode just for you. Included in this video are chapters so you can skip right to the question you are interested in. Join me in this very special Ask Dr. David and be sure to join us at our next Ask Dr. David Live Event, this Wednesday May 18th at 5:30pm EST.

– Contents of this video –

0:00 – Intro

1:48 – For parents with children of Autism, how do you support the other siblings in the family to help them understand how to navigate, communicate and be an ally to their sibling with autism?

5:00 – Are there at-home treatments for Autism?

7:35 – Do you have suggestions on how to de-escalate and support my child with Autism when he has an outburst in public?

10:32 – My daughter is starting high school in the fall. What types of support can I set up for my child at school?

14:20 – What age should I have my child tested for autism if I think he is showing characteristics common in autism?

17:35 – Are there any medications useful in treating the behavioral problems of a child with Autism?

22:21 – Is Naltrexone helpful in treating autism? What about chelation?


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*Dr. David is an independent thinker who draws from more than 25 years of clinical experience. He relies on a broad range of evidence-based information to provide his best possible guidance. Dr. David’s thoughts and opinions may shift as the data evolves. Information he shares with the public is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. All content is informative and does not replace the need for consultation with qualified health professionals.*

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