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Dancing with Dopamine: Mood, Motivation & Movement on the Good Mood Podcast


Dr. Talia Marcheggiani, ND describes how dopamine works in the brain. How does it connect to mood, motivation, desire, willpower, tenacity, self-efficacy, creativity and happiness? How can dopamine breed or affect satisfaction? How can we use dopamine to improve desire, motivation, executive functioning and pleasure?

Perhaps now you’re having trouble concentrating, feel anxious with a low mood, wish you were more motivated, excited and driven. Perhaps you’re having issues with memory and word recall. Perhaps you’re feeling overwhelmed and scattered, having trouble being motivated. You procrastinate. You lose time on the couch. You’re dealing with lots of cravings and the need for stimulation through food, scrolling social media, or self-soothing behaviours like skin picking or addictive behaviours such as substance use. This podcast is for you.

Or perhaps you’re a driven individual who struggles to find satisfaction in the here and now, who lives for tomorrow and can’t exist without goals. This podcast is for you too.

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Learn more: taliand.com

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This video is for educational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice. No 1:1 doctor-patient relationship is formed through this process, a proper intake and assessment has not been performed, and no advice-giving will be undertaken. Please run any changes to your healthcare regime past your naturopathic doctor or functional medicine provider to ensure these principles are right for you.


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