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How To Dry & Cure Cannabis In A Dry Environment


Grow Talk 1341 – The Dude & Scotty Are Hanging Out & Waking And Answering Your Grow Talk Questions Like Why Bag Appeal Matters & What Really Makes Cannabis Dank, If It Is Possible To Clone An Autoflower And Even It Is, Is It Any Worth It. How To Get Your Drying Tent Temps Down And Humidity Up In A Dry Place Like Colorado & More On Todays Episode Of Grow Talk

5 Essential Grows Tips Mentioned in this video!

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3:00 – Join the DGC
5:30 – Who’s Growing Some Dank
9:58 – Bag Appeal
16:00 – Good Comments
20:04 – Tent Temps
29:00 – Drying & Curing Humidity
32:34 – Pros List
35:35 – Canna Nutrients
37:00 – What’s Going On In Our Grows
44:59 – Shoutouts/Outro


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