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eating edible gummies for the FIRST TIME ft. Roots Royal Leaf + funny edible reaction


This video is in partnership with Roots Royal Leaf based in South Carolina and expanding reach. We received edible gummies and lovedddd the product, I’m clearly a lightweight but high-quality gummies will kick in even from the smallest dose. This had to be the FUNNIEST video to edit and be apart of. They deserve 5 stars and THEN SOMEEE!!! Check out their products and links to their social medias through their link tree and links provided below:


link tree:


intro 0:00-0:16
partnership details- Roots Royal Leaf 0:16-0:54
intro of guests 0:54-1:28
backstory with mary jane 1:28-2:03
predicting how we’ll react to the edibles 2:03-2:27
eating the gummies 2:27-3:50
30 minute update 3:50-4:47
1 hour update 4:47-7:10
rating the effect of the gummies 7:10-9:18
trying to explain the signs that ur high while high myself 🙂 9:18-10:37
eating & coloring while high 10:37-12:04
outrooo 12:04-14:56

Music by Ryan Little – For Hyrule! – https://thmatc.co/?l=AC0D4AC9
Music by Ryan Little – The Lounge – https://thmatc.co/?l=47D6B8E7
Music by Ryan Little – Lovesick. (Nomad’s Heart) – https://thmatc.co/?l=178C394F

Get to Know ME?

name? anjayla lopez
burrday? october 11, 2001
age? 20
where do I live? Spartanburg, SC
zodiac signs, top 3? libra sun, leo moon, & leo rising…chileee
what do I film with? Canon M5O, 15-45MM lense, Iphone 8 plus
edit with? final cut pro
favorite color? lavender-calming, yellow- happiness, & blue-peace, black- most of the clothes in my closet
favorite foods, top 3? pizza, pineapples- not together, & reese cups

Da Otha Socials:
instagram: jaylaa.lopez
snapchat: jaylalopez101
current sub count: 188, I recorded this video and only had 137 subscribers, can you guys believe the GROWTH!!! Y’ALL ARE TRULY THE BEST AND I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH. 200 is soooo close in reach, hope to see you there :), thanks for helping me live out my dream, u da best.
the sub goal: 500

Please, do not attempt this at home, and if you are of age, be careful*

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