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Former Nurse With Traumatic Brain Injury Used Cannabis To Relieve Pain


Invisible illness and invisible disabilities are real. Bringing awareness that eliminates stigma by sharing personal stories of how cannabis is used as a treatment for a multitude of things including TBI, is my passion in the cannabis industry.

I’m Nikki Lawley, Cannabis Advocate and Educator, and I spread hope through awareness.
Traumatic brain injury stole my joy, but cannabis returned it. This channel promotes these principles:

🌿Invisible illnesses are REAL and need awareness 🔊
🪴People can feel VISIBLE. We are not disabled, but DIFFERENTLY ABLED 👀
🌿TBI’s host of symptoms and how to manage daily life with “life hacks” 👌
🪴Cannabis as medicine and the medical cannabis stigma 🚫
🌿Mental Health awareness and discussions 🧠
🪴Empowerment for all; fight for what is right ✊
🌿Advocacy and social justice and equity for those harmed by the war on drugs 🔊
🪴Recommendation of products, companies, and organizations I support 💋

👩🏼‍🏫 About Nikki 👩🏼‍🏫
I had suffered two traumatic brain injuries during my younger years, but it was the third TBI that suddenly changed everything. While trying to help administer a routine vaccine to a young boy, I was thrown against the wall, suffering a significant TBI and cervical instability in the process. My TBI has caused cognitive deficiencies, confusion, memory loss, anxiety, and pain. I found myself unable to work, unable to interact with others, and in a very dark place. None of the numerous traditional medications I’ve tried helped, and in fact, their ghastly side effects left me even worse off. Figuring I had nothing more to lose, I turned to cannabis. My life was saved. My experiences with cannabis have filled me with a passion to learn more about the science behind the plant, to advocate for patients everywhere, and to expose others to the wonders of cannabis.
I am a member of multiple online support groups for individuals that have suffered head injuries, I serve as an active voice in the cannabis communities, and hopes to use my story to inspire others to never give up. You can find more information about my journey at Nikki and the Plant at https://www.nikkiandtheplant.org/

🙈 Where Else Can I Find Nikki? 🙈
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/nikkiandtheplant @nikkiandtheplant
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/nikkiandtheplant/ @nikkiandtheplant
LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/nikki-lawley-aa281517/
LinkTree https://linktr.ee/Nikkilawley
Twitter https://twitter.com/NikkiLawley2 @NikkiLawley2
The Cannabis Community https://www.thecannabiscommunity.org/listing/nikki-and-the-plant/

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