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What is CBD? Robin Huff Shares How Personal Healing Inspired Upscale CBD Company Catering to Women


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What is CBD? Learn all about how it can help you relax, heal, and be pain-free. Robin Roberts Huff tells her personal story that inspired her to start Higher Power with CBD, a company that provides upscale CBD products for women.
Learn more: https://www.higherpowerwithcbd.com/home

The Goddess Power Show with Elizabeth Ann Atkins is the nightly show where I go solo and/or interview trailblazing women who share their wisdom to help us all boss up and live bigger, better, and bolder.

The show is inspired by my new book GODDESS: BE ONE! How to Live Bigger, Better, and Bolder.

You can pre-order my new book at https://www.twosisterswriting.com/store/boss-up-goddess

Consider this book the rocket fuel you need to launch into a new dimension of finally bossing up to live your greatest potential.
Every woman should live her life just as she desires–and now during the coronavirus pandemic is the perfect time to go within, use journaling and meditation, and inspiring examples of powerful women to reinvent ourselves.
So when the pandemic ends, and the lockdowns are over, and we are free to step out into the world, we can be the absolute biggest, boldest versions of ourselves — making magic happen to help people everywhere.

My mission is to help you find your power and experience your infinite potential.

Please watch earlier episodes of my show here on our channel to get an introduction about how the Goddess lifestyle and mindset began in my life… and how I’m now sharing it with women everywhere. This show is the time and space where you can learn all the tools that I use every day to boss up… rule my empire… and feel amazing.

You’ll get to hear all my methods for manifesting one’s best self, and my guests will provide provocative insights that level up the way you think, behave, and live. So…

If you’re a woman who’s tired of playing small… not speaking up… and feeling like your dreams are dying inside you… then it’s time to BOSS UP, GODDESS.

The title announces that it’s time to stop procrastinating, making excuses, shaming, blaming, or criticizing others for holding us back, and just do the damn thing.

This book contains the blueprint for an empowered lifestyle that Elizabeth Ann Atkins has created over many years while persevering through major struggles that include an epic battle with food and fat, a terrible divorce, self-criticism, negative thinking, and career disappointments. Once she realized that she had all the power to create the life experience that she desired and deserved, and implemented the thinking, speaking, and behaviors that she shares in the book, everything changed. Now she’s inviting you to step through that gateway into a mindset and lifestyle where you can maximize your potential and finally love yourself and your life like never before.

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