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Reefer Madness: Sorting Fact from Fiction in the Clinical Uses of Marijuana


In the United States, the non-medical use of cannabis is decriminalized in 16 states and legalized in another 14 states. Enthusiasts say pot helps them deal with life better, manage their anxiety, and helps them with sleep.

But what are the facts about marijuana? And are we ready for large-scale commercialization this is following the rapid movement to legalize weed?

Today on The Soul of Life I speak with Dr. Samoon Ahmad, author of Medical Marijuana: A Clinical Handbook (2020), that provides up-to-date scientific guidance about how marijuana may be an appropriate treatment for some medical conditions. We also examine the persistent belief among a vast group of people that marijuana is harmless.

Do the benefits outweigh the risks associated with withdrawal, addiction, and the rebound effects on anxiety and depression?

We’ll address important questions, such as:

– How effective is marijuana at treating anxiety, depression and PTSD?
– How easily addictive is marijuana?
– How often does regular marijuana use lead to long-term psychosis?
– Is it true that your IQ drops from regular marijuana use?
– Why is THC intoxication so different and difficult to self-assess than alcohol and how does this affect how states are enacting sober driving tests?


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