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Visceral Basics, Global Visceral and Visceral Certificate Overview


This gives insight into the differences between the Visceral Basics Course, the Global Visceral Course, and the Visceral Certificate. Whatever your current skill set into visceral work, these courses really help you appreciate things from an osteopathic and a functional manual medicine perspective. The 2 CPD series are open to all allied health professionals and also to all bodyworkers with an interest in fascia, viscera, integrative biomechanics and somatoemotional and somatophysiological perspectives. The Visceral Certificate is only open to qualified osteopaths, chiropractors or physiotherapists. Visit caroine-stone.com to buy the 2 CPD series (£150 each till end of year) or visit cnmo.co.uk to explore the qualification in visceral work and osteopathic medicine that is available (amongst other topics). Cost £600 for the Certificate. Please enquire about the Diploma option.


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