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S2.E28. The More Act. Ailments Cannabis Treats. Online Cannabis Business. 1 Year Cannabis Forecast.


What is happening with the MORE Act
Gary Allen is the COO of New Frontier Data which helps cannabis businesses make the right decisions with data. It is an independent, technology-driven analytics company specializing in the global cannabis industry.

What are the Many Ailments that Cannabis can Treat?
Dr. Jordan Tishler presents an overview of some of the many conditions for which cannabis is used as a treatment.  Pain is the number one complaints among patients, and cannabis has proven to be a key element in pain management.

Online Cannabis Business
Russel Brunson is CEO & Founder of ClickFunnels, a website and sales funnel builder for entrepreneurs. In the current pandemic, many businesses are evolving to online commerce and operation.  Those who are not evolving may perish.  The Cannabis business is no exception.

One Year Cannabis Forecast
Morgan Fox is the Media Relations Director for the National Cannabis Industry Association.   What is the outlook for the cannabis industry in the next six months to one year period?  Most influential will be whether on not Congress approves a corona virus relief package.   Allow cannabis banking will also rapidly and widely influence the industry.

Find more at: https://w420radionetwork.com/s2-e28-the-more-act-ailments-that-cannabis-treats-online-cannabis-business-one-year-cannabis-forecast/


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