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Retired All-Pro NFL LB Lofa Tatupu Discusses ZoneIn CBD (2020)


Lofa Tatupu, CEO ZoneIn CBD

E259 Show Notes:
0:01, Lofa Tatupu Intro
07:50, How, exactly, does CBD benefit an athlete?
13:15, How are the effects of hemp-based CBD derivatives different than others?
17:28, Is cannabis a performance enhancing drug?
21:35, Is CBD’s performance exclusive to athletes, or can it aid baby boomers and senior adults?
26:25, What will it take to change misconceptions about cannabinoids?
28:11, How can cannabis help with chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE)?
32:06, How Can Cannabis Be Integrated Into a Training & Recovery Regimen?
39:06, What Advice to Have on How to Maintain a Better Quality of Life?
44:55, What are you looking forward to in 2020 and beyond for CBD & MMJ?
46:25, ZoneIn CBD

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