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Why CBD, cananbinoids? Dr. Kat Interviews one of Insight Wellness Center’s Medical CBD Consultants.


CBD Cannabidiol, cannabinoids, are on the rise. Many people are seeking to use CBD as an Alternative Medicine and Complimentary Medicine. With the Opioid Epidemic Alternatives for pain management are essential. CBD is being used for anxiety, sleep, pain, depression, PTSD, skin, gut, neurological issues and so much more. Knowing what to use and how to dose for each is important.
There are many products on the market but not all are effective or have appropriate labeling.
At Insight Wellness Center Dr. Rozakis reviews CBD products and only uses natural, full and broad spectrum CBD that can be monitored. She works with two other Nurse CBD Consultants to collaborate and coordinate care. Today Dr. Rozakis interviews Michele Weidner, RN Medical Nurse CBD Consultant at Insight Wellness Center. Www.insightforwellness.com 925-216-3510. Dr. Rozakis, Veronica Galindo, RN and Michele Weidner, RN offer Telehealth and office consultations. Dr. Katerina Rozakis has a weekly CBD with Your Favorite PhD Monday with Host Carmen Milagro educating on CBD with weekly nuggets of valuable information.


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