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The Pandemic Pot Boom with Dr. Marion McNabb (part 1 of 2)



Unsurprisingly, legal marijuana sales have been rising all over the map ever since May. Several states have reported month after month of record breaking sales numbers for rec and medical, including Illinois, Oregon, Colorado, and Washington state.

This week, Brit talks to Dr. Marion McNabb from the Cannabis Center of Excellence, who has partnered with the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth to do an anonymous research study on how COVID-19 is impacting medical and adult-use marijuana consumers.

Take part in Dr. McNabb’s ongoing research on cannabis during Covid by going to cannacenterofexcllence.org. Check out Differentleaf.com, find us on social media @Differentleaf and @Different_Leaf, find our host Brit Sith @BritThe British. Produced by Andrea Muraskin, Music by Homebody.


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