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Dosing | The Science of CBD


Twinlab® is thrilled to present The Science of CBD, a bi-weekly podcast centered on important issues and topics pertinent to hemp, CBD and other phytocannabinoids. Each themed episode features Gene Bruno, Professor of Nutraceutical Sciences at Huntington University & Director of Formulation at Twinlab®, who provides major insight into topics like the legality of hemp, dosage discrepancies between brand-name products, how CBD can affect your body and what current research indicates – among other galvanizing topics. He is joined periodically by guest experts, delivering important perspectives into the industry and debunking confusion surrounding hemp. This educational initiative is supported by Francisco Sapatta, Twinlab®’s National Education Manager, who leads the Spanish rendition of The Science of CBD. After 50 years of experience, Twinlab aims to provide educational value, transparency, and consumer awareness to viewers tuning in every single week.

Visit www.TwinlabCBD.com for more info on CBD and our industry-leading bi-weekly newsletter.

Gene Bruno: Prof. Nutraceutical Sciences Huntington University
Suzanne Gatt: Host/ CBD expert

© music by Sophia McGranaghan


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