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Closing the evidence gap on cannabis, youth, and chronic pain


Chronic daily headache is one of the most common pain syndromes in adolescence, reported by up to 8% of the population. Despite many available therapies and a three-pronged approach to treatment, only roughly 50% will experience remission. For those who have failed conventional treatments cannabis-based medicines may present an effective option. This session will discuss cannabis used for medical purposes in children with a focus on pain and chronic daily headache. We will share the findings from our work engaging youth in the design of clinical trials to begin to close the evidence gap on cannabis, youth and chronic pain.

Main messages:

1. Cannabis is being used for pain management by youth and adults

2. Cannabis-based therapies present a potential for youth with chronic daily headaches that do not respond to traditional treatments, but more research is needed to establish safety, dosing and benefit

3. You can only improve the impact of your studies by engaging in discussions with the population during the design process


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