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WEED BUTTER | Cannabis Edibles


I know there are alot of other methods of doing this..
taking more time and effort into the cooking / decarbing process using Ovens and other detailed ways.
*My way* is really a quik way of doing this and i am showing you how i learned this.
it always had great results for me and the people i gave a sample of the butter ( up to 5 hours high / stoned ) after just a small piece of butter. you are welcome to let me know about any other things you haven’t seen in the video. i am always happy to learn.
Also you can choose how long you want to simmer your plants during the process
in the video i did it for an hour before i filtered it. offcourse you can do this much longer to get the most out of it. maybe stoned for 24 hours? XD

That being said.
Stay Cool, High and Hydrated 😉


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