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Marlon Coburn: A growth leader. – Talent in Cannabis Ep.9: Marlon Coburn, President, THC Design


Marlon Coburn is the President of the leading premium cannabis cultivation brand THC Design. THC Design is comprised of passionate growers with rich history and experience. Estate grown, single-sourced flower provides consistent experiences with quality and safety across a wide spectrum of brands. Through moral and corporate transparency, THC Design aims to inspire each person and community through the art and science of flower.

FlowerHire is on a mission to build a conscious cannabis community, one hire at a time. Founded in 2017, they are a team of experienced talent and recruiting professionals with a combined 35 years of experience helping companies build, scale, and retain world class teams across North America. FlowerHire partners with cannabis and hemp companies at any stage of their growth to provide high touch talent advisory services including contingency placement, retained and embedded recruiting.

Wrazel Cannabis Broadcasting Network (WCBN) is a network of shows produced at Wrazel (https://www.wrazel.com) HQ and broadcast across multiple media channels. The purpose of the network is to emphasize the many facets of cannabis in positive, informative, constructive, and entertaining ways.

WCBN Shows:

Connect in Cannabis – The ultimate networker in cannabis, Wrazel brings the most important people to ‘Connect in Cannabis’ hosted by Brian Holler, to share their insights on an exciting and brilliant time in the industry. From pioneering CEOs to celebrities and lawmakers, ‘Connect in Cannabis’ showcases the who’s who of today’s Cannabis Industry. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEdHafmK6IsIB4oNFnvb2giFini96pNwu

Healing of a Nation – “Equal access without stigma.” Host Eric Goepel and guests engage stakeholders, educate policymakers and the public, and advocate for fair and equitable cannabis laws. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEdHafmK6IsLt2-YcNysbsnQT4PAaB6XE

Contemporary Cannabis – Ever wonder about the science of the plant? Tune in to find out about cutting-edge research and the latest findings regarding what cannabis sativa can and cannot do to us. Hosted by Davina Kaonohi and Dr. Swathi Varanasi

The Higher Ground – Host Farah Tariq presents a legal perspective on the rapidly growing cannabis industry and discusses best practices with experts on route to worldwide legalization. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEdHafmK6IsIlZ0X_F1heq–sscyI-g3s

CannaTourism Chronicles – Buckle Up! Join Barbie Sommars on her next adventure as she dives into eye-opening conversations with her guests, and explore the constantly expanding universe of CannaTourism. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEdHafmK6IsLjWQaqc7_JfPuD977Ly1v_

A Seasoned Perspective – Join Cannabis Entrepreneur and Advocate, Keiko Beatie as she explores all the wonderful applications that cannabis has for our growing senior community.

Talent in Cannabis – Today’s insights into HR trends and policies from cannabis business leaders nationwide with host, David Belsky, CEO of FlowerHire. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEdHafmK6IsKX13coT2Nw-yz27ycmIMqP

Business of Cannabis – Founder of successful ventures explain their vision, business models, and future goals while informing cannabis investors about the opportunity to partner in their company. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEdHafmK6IsIfzZnshZ3jAGneAFOZ6CzG

Learn more about the “Business of Cannabis” by visiting Wrazel Holdings, Inc:

Wrazel – Hub for cannabis investors, entrepreneurs, businesses, and enthusiasts all over the world: https://www.wrazel.com/

Wrazel Investment Marketplace – Find vetted investment opportunities in cannabis, hemp, CBD, and ancillary services: https://www.wrazel.com/mp/

Raising Capital – Apply now and allow Wrazel the pleasure of helping your company with a capital raise: https://www.wrazel.com/raise-capital/

Gongeo – Find a local, legal dispensary near you! https://www.wrazel.com/gongeo/

Wrazel Business Database – The most extensive directory where you will find companies from all sectors of the industry: https://www.wrazel.com/bd/

Wrazel Services Index – Looking for an expert? Go through our index of service providers who cater to cannabis businesses and all their specialized needs: https://www.wrazel.com/directory/

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