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Cannabis Culture News LIVE: Cartel Cannabis


Cannabis Culture News LIVE: Cartel Cannabis

POT TV – Watch Cannabis Culture News LIVE every Friday at 4PM PT on Pot TV, with your host Jeremiah Vandermeer.

Today on the show: Cannabis cartel.

Jeremiah Vandermeer is joined in studio by Opus420.

And: Craig Ex rolls out the Season Finale of Expert Joints.

And: Sterling Wilde’s protest against prohibition by way of legalization.

And: Neil Magnuson updates us on the Cannabis Substitution Project.

And: Roxanne takes a bong rip.

And: The Landlord drops in with the real rent, common sense.

And: Carly Marley says high.

And: Jmac has a trivia question.

Show notes:

RCMP went silent about massive pot bust over concern for marijuana producer’s stock price, documents reveal


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