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The Science of CBD with Dr. John Hicks


Dr. John Hicks talks about the science of CBD

The juice of Marijuana makes you feel euphoric yet not high, and receive over 113 different cannabinoids that acts on cannabinoid receptors in cells that alter neurotransmitter release in the brain. These properties have profound healing benefits in the human body and may slow cancer by causing the bad cells to die (apoptosis -programed cell death of cancer) and preserve the good cells. We can grow organic plants without pesticides (unfortunately most marijuana plants are growing with chemicals, herbicides etc poisons).

So be careful of your source or grow your own with Living Water device and Everest Air filter ionic device for rapid growth free of chemicals. We offer both devices to new and seasoned growers. Call and ask for my son, Nicholas for advice at 1-949-720-1554 mention this youtube video “the Science of CBD” Also get CBD in oral concentrate 454 mg per container and bottle spray 100 mg CBD verified by lab to be true and safe free of THC (less than .03 %

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