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Black Cannabis? Edibles, Smokables, and Terpenes to Delight, THC and CBD


This video is for education purposes only, and to delight the senses of adults who love fine cannabis.
I discuss the differences in smoking versus eating cannabis, and how the terpenes play a role (as mysterious as it is…)
I also show some amazing cannabis…which I intended to do closeups of, but the video cutoff on my camera like 1 minute before the end!!
And one is BLACK…. ‘Sirius Black” as it is called, and it is a fantastic beauty.

So if ya wanna see them close, lemme know 🙂
Be well


Thanks for watching everyone- my goal here is to give information on herbs, spices, mushrooms and maybe even a few obscure substances, in the hopes of starting a dialogue, and informing people about what I know.

I have an herb website at www.carposbotanicals.com/en/ and all my herbs are top notch. Feel free to stop by.

My philosophy and thinking channel:

If you would like to contribute to my channels so I can grow, I am using Patreon to see how it does. I am not one to ask for money, but I sure would love to do this full time and bring you more information! this keeps me from having ads on my videos


Thank you for watching!


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