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Best CBD Edibles For Foodies [Sweet or Salty?]


????Calling all foodies! These CBD edibles are made for you! If you love traditional American snacks, you need to check out the CBD products from Earthshine Organics.

What I can say is the edibles below are unbelievably close in flavor to the products they are mimicking. The Dabritos taste just like Doritos and the Rice Krispy Treat had to be made by the elves at Kellogs ????

1. Dabritos Nacho Cheese Chips – 0:31
2. Rice Krispy Treat – 1:23
3. Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup – 1:54
4. Snickers Bar – 2:21
5. Cinnamon Gum – 3:54
6. Conclusion – 4:04

Learn more at https://www.bestdosage.com/
This is a review only, nothing for sale.

????????Time for a little nostalgia, comment below to tell us if you ate more Doritos or Rice Krispies growing up.

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Disclaimer: Due to YouTube’s Community Guidelines & the contents of this video anyone under the age of 18 must exit now. The contents of this video are for educational purposes only. Nothing for sale, this is just my honest review based on lab results, customer review and brand transparency. 18+ Only!


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