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CBD for Osteoperosis and Pain Management – AMMG Conference


Florence Comite, M.D. interviewing Dr. Eric Mitchell about CBD for Reversing Osteoperosis and Pain Management at the 24th Clinical Applications for Age Management Medicine CME Conference.

Eric I. Mitchell, M.D., MA, FACPE, CPE
President/CEO, TelMed Group, Bangor, ME
Clinical Director, Pine Tree Alternative Pain Clinic, Bangor, ME
Medical Director, AGRiMed Industries, LLC
Medical Director, Hemp Commodity Industries, LLC

Dr. Eric Mitchell is a practicing orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine doctor specializing in pain management. Upon completion of a premed program, he deferred the NBA for entry into medical school. Dr. Mitchell maintained a 30+year private practice in Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine, with a specialization in Arthroscopic Surgery. He was denoted ‘Outstanding Orthopaedic Resident’ by the Pennsylvania Orthopedic Society with his creation of the ‘E-M Angle of Blount’s Disease’. He also has a 10-year history as team physician for four US Olympic Teams covering two Olympics. He is also a certified physician executive. Dr. Mitchell was Senior Vice President of Medical Affairs for the inner city three-hospital network of North Philadelphia Health System. He initiated quality assurance programs of prevention, education and treatment (Q-PET) to provide a more equitable healthcare system for all citizens. He has traveled and lectured nationally and internationally. Dr. Mitchell’s military career spanned 23 years and moved from Captain to the highest field grade officer position of Colonel in the United States Army Reserve and also served as a Deputy Inspector General at the Pentagon. The colonel (ret.) commanded two combat support hospitals. He was called to active-duty three times. Dr. Mitchell has been featured in numerous newspapers and magazines, including Ebony magazine, Physician Executive magazine, and the Philadelphia Daily News, is a published coauthor in major medical journals, and the author of “The Flow of Life: Keeping the Dream Alive.”

What is Age Management Medicine?
A profound, meaningful, proven medical approach that’s setting the standard for 21st-century healthcare in all medical disciplines. It’s a progressive, preventative, proactive specialty focused on health, not disease. Age management medicine delivers measurable, life-changing patient outcomes—optimizing health and delaying or removing degenerative aging—using precision medicine, breakthrough technologies, evidence-based/customized modalities, and solid science.

About AMMG
CME-accredited Conferences. Physician Education. Age Management Medicine Certification.
At the heart of AMMG is a passion—producing educational events that go well beyond the status quo. Balanced, diversified, inspirational, invigorating, interactive, challenging.

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