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How To Make Cannabis Lollipops


Cannabis Infused Chocolate Flavored Lollipop

What’s cozier than a piece of a lollipop and a book? I mean… it has always been a good combination for me. While I would have the adult sucker with drooling interest, my eyes would steer through the dark bold words, line by line, making my reading journey a fascinating one.

But I’ve grown old now! My friends say we lose focus while we grow up. Work, family, stress— everything dilutes the concentration. Unfortunately, their words have weight and plenty of hard-hitting truths. Concentrating is getting more challenging than ever. Seen those white spaces in books? Yes, yes! The margin and the paragraph spaces in the pages. Well, I’m good at watching them now, lost in the flurry of thoughts.

I skim for 5 minutes and stare at the blank spaces for a good 15 minutes, wondering about life, politics, philosophy, relationships, and whatnot! And honestly, that’s not helping. So my lollipop is not working as a mojo anymore. The combination has absolutely failed. Reading is an uphill struggle as if I’m sent to do a free solo on the mountains of El Capitan.

Despite this, I’m not worried. Because when the going gets tough, the tough get going. When things are not working for you, don’t change the job, find a new mojo. And that’s what I did. I found my new love in another type of lollipop— cannabis lollipop.

I’ve grown old, but stronger with weed lollipops.

Just when I felt there’s nothing that could calm my brain and get back my concentration, someone suggested I use a cannabis lollipop. “Are you freaking nuts,” were my first few words. Like everyone, the visuals of cannabis were not very appealing in my head. Drugs, stigma, cops, rackets— these were the words that popped into my head as soon as I heard the word weed lollipop.

But facts >> emotions. That’s what I learnt while researching the controversial herb. I did the research and found out how cannabis lollipop has been not only a focus-enhancer but also a de-stressing substance. The dark shade around this organic herb doesn’t deserve the character-assassination that we’re programmed to do.

That’s when I realized I might have grown older, but here’s something which can make me stronger, something that’ll keep me going if I have to finish a non-fiction genius of “The Gulag Archipelago,” or long-fictitious brilliance of “Game Of Thrones.”
I discovered A to Z of it, including the cannabis lollipop recipe.

Different Flavored Cannabis Lollipop

My research didn’t stop at learning what it is and how it’s stigmatized. In fact, I went a step further. Looked into how the world’s great chefs make cannabis lollipops, all DIY, at their homes. And since then— I have cooked weed lollipops dozens of times, and things have changed for good. So I will be channelizing my knowledge here and sharing an easy weed lollipops recipe.

The best part about this edible recipe is— you have the power to control weed content in your lollipop. Annnnnd! You can try this on any flavor you like. The recipe is damn customizable. So you’re not compromising at any stage of the recipe.

If something similar has happened with you, like you’ve lost the reading-charm or if you can’t flaunt healthy lollipops within your friends and relatives— continue reading the instructions. And yeah: don’t read the blank spaces. That won’t help you. Concentrate for another fifteen mins, and you’ll be concentrating for life.

Starting cannabis lollipop recipes with decarboxylation and making a cannabis tincture.

On finding out everything about cannabis lollipop, I realized, you can’t make it without decarboxylation and cannabis tincture. Decarboxy… what? Well, decarboxylation. Yeah, the word sounds complicated, but the process is relatively easy. I double bet you’ve done this in the past if you’re a veteran pot-head. Don’t believe me?

Remember when you pulled a weed pipe and lighted it up? Though you were enjoying it in your leisure, you were actually decarboxylating the herb. So marijuana doesn’t give you high when it’s not burning. Its raw form is hardly known for any hit in the brain. But when you fire it up, its acidic thca and cbda break down into thc and cbd.

If the strain has more thc, you feel psychoactive. And if it has cbd, you feel medically rejuvenated. Looking at this, here’s the thumb rule. When you are preparing any cannabis recipe, DO NOT use raw cannabis. It’s as good as dead cannabis. It won’t impact your body, and you’ll be wasting your time cooking something unworthy.

You must be wondering how to decarboxylate while not smoking. Don’t worry! It’s not rocket science. So grind your cannabis bud into fine form and put it in an oven tray. Heat the strain for 2 to 3 hours at 221 degrees Fahrenheit. Stir it occasionally, every 15 minutes. Make sure you’re burning it evenly to maintain textural consistency. And ta-dah! You’ve smoked up the bush.

Now you’ll use decarboxylated buds for cannabis tinctures.

It’s an essential step. You can call it the soul of marijuana lollipops. So they are impossible to make without cannabis tinctures. We’ll be using the herbs that you burnt a few minutes ago.

As our decarboxylated buds are rich in thc and cbd, we want them out of the strain. Not all components in cannabis are necessary. So how do you extract these essential components? Well, by soaking them in solvents like alcohol.

That’s right! Alcohol is a lovely compound. When you put buds in the solvent, it binds cbd and thc and pulls them out of the plant. Now you must be curious about segregating alcohol and cbd.

Thankfully, you don’t have to do anything. Let nature play its course. Alcohol is naturally volatile. Right? Keep it open, and alcohol will disappear, leaving behind the concentrates. This might take time, even a few days. But trust me, your wait is worth the leftover tincture you’ll have. In case you want it fast and quick, heat your solution and evaporate the solvent.

But here’s the catch, it’s not safe. Alcohol is highly inflammable. By inflammable— I mean it can hit a deafening salvo and turn your place into a grey ashtray. You don’t want it no matter what. So use proper ventilation and air circulation. Let the alcohol diffuse and flow out of the windows carefully!

How to make cannabis lollipops— cannabis lollipop recipes

So we are done with the structure. Now we need to beautify our building. Don’t worry; we’ve completed the laborious task. The recipe to follow is relatively easy and gettable. Let’s get into the kitchen now. Come!

The ingredients

  • 2 to 3 tablespoon cannabis tincture (use more for higher potency)
  • ½ cup light corn syrup, try keeping it organic
  • 1 cup natural sugar (you can also use cannabis sugar)
  • ¼ filtered water
  • One tablespoon flavors (flavor of your preference. Example, blueberry, grape, lemon, etc.)

The equipment

  • Lollipop mold
  • Lollipop sticks
  • Lollipop thermometer
  • A spoon for stirring
  • Stove
  • Saucepan

The instructions

Step #1: Take a saucepan. Add sugar and light corn syrup. Mix the solution gently.

*You must be thinking why not dark corn syrup, why light corn syrup? No, I’m not a racist. Not in my wildest dream. If you need dark brown color and rich-flavor— more power to you. Use dark corn syrup. But it has molasses, which is not my preference, and I’ve tried my hands on light corn syrup, which works wonderfully. Oh, I forgot to mention, we’re using light corn syrup because it prevents sugar from crystallizing. It’s an interfering agent. Annnnnd, it adds to the flavor and texture.*

Step #2: Add filtered water in the mixture. Heat it at medium temperature. Stir the mixture until sugar is entirely dissolved.

*Struggling to understand what medium temperature is? We’re heating our recipe on the stove. And the stove’s medium temperature is somewhere between 300 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. A little negligence in temperature can change the outcome of the lollipop. Currently, we need to maintain our temperature at the hard crack stage. It’s the ideal temperature for cooking lollipops and toffees. Oh, don’t bother Googling, I’m giving you the entire list here.*

  • Soft-ball stage— 235 to 240 degrees Fahrenheit. Suitable for fudge and fondants.
  • Firm-ball stage— 245 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Suitable for cooking caramels.
  • Hard-ball stage— 250 to 265 degrees Fahrenheit. Brilliant with marshmallows, gummies, and rock candies recipes.
  • Soft-crack stage— 270 to 290 degrees Fahrenheit. Taffy and butterscotch are made at this temperature.
  • Hard-crack stage— 310 to 320 degrees Fahrenheit. Great for weed lollipops, nut brittles, and toffee.

Step #3: Once sugar is mixed with the water and syrup, boil it until it rolls.

*What do I mean by rolling? Well, when the bubbles roll up rapidly, a roiling boil happens. It is not the same as simmering. It needs more heat than that.*

Yummy Cannabis Infused Lollipop ShopStep #4: After you’ve brought the mixture to a boil, put a lollipop thermometer, and check the temperature.

* Didn’t I mention the sugar stages? Well, we are using a sugar thermometer to measure these stages.*

Step #5: Once the thermometer hits the 300 F mark, you know what to do. Shut off the stove and remove the saucepan. Let the solution cool down to 250 F.

*Keep the sugar thermometer in the saucepan. Let the solution cool down by 50 degrees Fahrenheit.*

Step #6: When the temperature reaches 250 F, add decarboxylated—cannabis tincture and flavors of your preference. Stir them properly.

*How many flavors are you cooking at the same time? If you want to have multiple flavors, put the sugar solution in different pans before adding flavors. Once you’ve divided sugar solutions, put cannabis tincture and flavors in each. This way, you’ll have multiple flavors in hand.*

Step #7: Pour all these different-flavored solutions in lollipop molds. Mix them carefully.

*You don’t have to go with the stereotype molds. Any molding tray would do. Geometric tablet bar, heart, or rabbit mold, everything should give you a unique experience.*

Step #8: Let the lollipop mixture cool down for 30 to 60 minutes. Store it in a mason jar.

*I suspect most of my cannabis lollipop lasted for 2 to 3 weeks at max. So you want to make sure of having it before your effort is gone into vain. Storing it in an air-tight container is the best bet we have so far. And yes, keep it in a cool and dry place.*

Step #9: Enjoy cannabis lollipop. Bon appetit!

* So our weed lollipops recipe is finally ready. The adult sucker is on! Grab it up and read your favorite book. And if you’re not willing to do that, at least, pull out the inner child in you.*

Weed lollipops are not always good, not when you’re taking beyond your tolerance level.

Unlike any other weed recipe, I’ve observed that you can’t experiment with cannabis dosage once it’s ready. I mean, whether you’re having any ‘shaahee weed veggies’ or ‘cannabis-gelato‘, you can always regulate cannabis dosage even after the recipe is ready.

But it’s not possible with cannabis lollipops. Once you’ve made it, there’s nothing you can do on the cannabis part. It’s why I recommend you to have words with experienced consultants. Calculate the right amount of dose that will suit your body type.

Please note that more cannabis tincture is not always good for your body. I mean… Why would you have two apples when one is enough? So eat the lollipop, wait for it to react with your body. Be a curious-rat. See if it’s working on you. Ask yourself: do you feel different? Or you’re where you started precisely. Based on this, increase your dosage the next time you prepare marijuana lollipops.

And if one doesn’t work on you, you can have two. I suggest keeping a low cannabis dose across multiple lollipops, rather than having high cannabis doses in a few lollipop units. This way, you can increase your dosage bit by bit, checking up your tolerance level.

Did you check the local laws yet?

Just because my locality allows me to use cannabis doesn’t necessarily mean your locality would too! You have to be extremely cautious while using cannabis. It’s not what we think about it. It’s always about what the government thinks.

So please check your federal and state laws before diving into any weed recipe, not just this one. Fortunately, the federal government in the States has legalized medical cannabis. But unfortunately, state laws don’t give a hoot in hell. You may well end up behind the bars if you don’t comply with laws at all levels.

The final argument— sucking the best lollipop of my life.

Attention span, concentration, focus— the ones that seemed unattainable are visible now. They have enhanced significantly. I can read back to back books. I can work on the screen for a good number of hours. And I can cook non-stop! All thanks to the cannabis lollipop. I hope the lollipop replicates similar results for you.

Christmas Tree Design Cannabis Lollipop

Finally, let me know if you’re already mouth watery. Wishing you the best of the experiences in your kitchen. Share your recipe and images with us and be a part of our strong marijuana network. Hold on! Hold on! Hold on! Don’t forget to share this piece with your friends and relatives. Everyone holding up a lollipop will be a sight to watch.

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